Great Motorcycle Roads in Alabama

The Best Roads Are Here

What Are the Best Motorcycle Roads in Alabama?

- Little River Canyon Parkway (30 miles)
- Alabama Route 25 (20 miles)
- Natchez Trace Parkway (33 miles)
- Talladega Forest Loop (52 miles)
- Guntersville Lake (32 miles)

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle rides in Alabama!
These motorcycle routes will take you over rolling hills, through lush forests and along the pristine, white Gulf Coast beaches. Follow the course of Alabama's rich cultural history on these great motorcycle roads!

Tips for Motorcycle Rides in Alabama

Prepare for hot and humid weather if you're riding in the summer by suiting jackets and pants that provide good airflow. Packing some light rain gear is a good idea as well, since severe storms are not uncommon in the south during the spring, summer and autumn. Fall is arguably the best time to ride in Alabama, as the cooler temperatures and autumn colors make for a very comfortable and scenic ride. The higher elevation areas of Alabama can get a bit on the colder side in the winter, so be prepared by using a quality layers.

What is the Helmet Law in Alabama?

Alabama does have a helmet law, which requires anyone riding or operating a motorcycle to wear protective headgear specifically designed for motorcycle riders and passengers.

Little River Canyon Parkway

Route 176 (30 miles)

This 2-lane motorcycle route in Alabama meanders through the deep forest of the Little River Canyon Natural Preserve. It's one of our shorter rides on our list, but very picturesque. Start this Alabama motorcycle ride at the Overlook Trail along the Little River Canyon. It's a fun, twisty road, and there are numerous overlooks to enjoy the canyon and waterfalls along the way. Autumn is possibly the best time to experience this ride when foliage is at its peak. The scenic views won't disappoint!

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Route 25

(20 miles)

This is truly one of the best motorcycle roads in Alabama. There's fantastic scenery and beautiful views crossing over the mountain. This route connects between AL-411 and AL-231 just east of Birmingham. Riders can expect great sweeping turns and some dramatic hairpin turns, especially around Thomson Gap and Coosa Mountain. The pavement is in good condition overall.

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Natchez Trace Parkway

(33 miles)

This Alabama motorcycle route runs through the heart of De Soto National Forest and has plenty of scenic nature views while you traverse the hills. The thick piney wood forests generally conceal most of the landscape from the surrounding roads in this forest, so the open space here is a nice respite. This motorcycle road is not very heavily traveled so it's a quiet ride with a few enjoyable curves.

Talladega Forest Loop

AL-49, AL-281, HWY 9 (52 miles)

This Alabama motorcycle route is especially scenic on the northern part of the loop in the beautiful and rugged part of Alabama which falls in the Talladega National Forest. Follow this route leading up to Cheaha Mountain (at 2,799ft) where there are many more great roads. Route 49 comes off the south side of the mountain and rolls through farms, meadows and small towns and beautiful foliage in the fall.

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Guntersville Lake

Route 67, AL-35, AL-227 (32 miles)

Ride along the beautiful forests, waterfront roads and causeways near Lake Guntersville in the northwestern part of Alabama. There's some of the best twisties you'll find in the entire state, along with some great scenery leading through Lake Gunterville State Park. This is a great Alabama motorcycle ride in just about any season, and as of 2021, great overall road pavement quality.

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