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What Are The Top 5 Motorcycle Rides In Idaho?

- Idaho Route 12 (205 miles)
- Old Spiral Highway (7 miles)
- St Joe River Road (88 miles)
- Victor to Alpine (47 miles)
- Harrison Slough Ride (74 miles)

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle roads in Idaho! Discover endless miles of back-country roads through stunning mountain ranges, pristine rivers and lakes, and an abundance of hot springs. Click on the Idaho motorcycle map links for the direct Google Maps route. 


DISTANCE: 205 miles
TIME: 3 hour 40 min

This portion of the Lewis & Clark Trail takes you through the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Winds through excellent scenery and well marked curves. Views of the Lochsa River are wonderful. The pavement quality is also very good. Although this is not one of the more well-known motorcycle roads in the country, many riders say this one surpasses them all for continuous curves, beauty, distance, quality of road and overall riding quality. If you're looking for an Idaho motorcycle road with never-ending twisties, straightaways and scenery, don't miss this great Idaho motorcycle route!

via Google Maps

via Google Maps


DISTANCE: 7 miles
TIME: 15 mins

Just north of Idaho's Clearwater River is a short but wild Idaho motorcycle road called Old Spiral Highway, which lives up to its name. This route "spirals" through 64 curves in 7 miles at about 2,000ft of elevation from Lewiston, Idaho, to Highway 95 near the Washington border. Enjoy the great vistas as you carefully navigate these tight hairpin turns.


DISTANCE: 88 miles
TIME: 2 hour 15 min

Explore one of Idaho's best motorcycle roads along the St Joe River's edge​. Tight turns, big sweeping curves will make this a glorious backwoods adventure. Although there is about 12 miles of gravel road in Montana, the pavement is good in Idaho, and the scenery is fantastic. There are lots of blind corners, but fortunately you'll find very little traffic on this truly great motorcycle road.

via Google maps

via Google Maps


US-26, ID-31
DISTANCE: 47 miles
TIME: 1 hour

If you're looking for a stunning road with not much traffic, then this is one of the best motorcycle roads in Idaho for you. This route runs along the Snake River into the Wyoming border. The whole ride has everything from flat roads to curvy hills. There's also a lot of wildlife to watch for, including mountain goats, deer and elk. This route is truly one of Idaho's best!

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via Google Maps

via Google Maps


ID-97, State Hwy 3, ID-5
DISTANCE: 74 miles
TIME: 2 hours

This part of Idaho's country varies from open farms to forest along this route starting in the Coeur d'Alene Lake area. Ride south along ID-97 for scenery of big mountains on one side and lake views on the other. It changes onto a rolling hill type farming as you merge onto Route 3 and west on Route 5 into Plummer.
There's fabulous scenery, and enough sweepers and twisties to keep you entertained. If you enjoy great scenery, lakes and rivers, wonderful local folks who are biker friendly, this is the ride for you! 

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

via Google Maps


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