The Best Roads Are Here

What Are The Best Motorcycle Roads Near Me In Maine?

- Acadia National Park (70 miles)
- Madrid to Upton (96 miles)
- N Anson to Coburn Gore (67 miles)
- Newfield to Grey (50 miles)
- Aroostook Scenic Byway (105 miles)
- Fryeburg to Gilead (30 miles)
- Skowhegan to Greenville (121 miles)

Motorcycle Roads Near Me In Maine

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle roads in Maine. Being the largest state in New England, there are tremendous amounts of motorcycle riding to discover. From iconic lighthouses to scenic ski mountains, ride through the tranquil towns, and of course, its fantastic coastal national park. Click on each map link for the direct Google Maps routes.

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Tips For Maine Motorcycle Rides

Looking for places to ride motorcycles in Maine? Given it's northern location in the United States, the motorcycle riding season here is typically from May to October. Peak autumn foliage arrives as early as September, which is a perfect time to explore these routes. Just be vigilant for large wildlife that may be on or near these roads, such as large deer or moose.

Do I Need A Motorcycle Helmet In Maine?

While you're discovering these scenic motorcycle rides in Maine, bear in mind the state's helmet law. Operators or passengers who are under 18, operators under a learner's permit or who are within one year of completing a driving test, and the passenger of an operator required to wear a helmet. Read more


Park Loop Road, Route 3, 198, 102
DISTANCE: 70 miles
TIME: 3 hours

The "Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast" has 27 miles of historic ME motorcycling roads to ride. These roads, including Park Loop Road, offer spectacular views of the National Park Atlantic coast. Be sure to stop off at Thunder Hole, an inlet that has an intense booming sound when the tide rushes in. There are also some shorter hikes overlooking Sand Beach if you want to get off the bike for a bit and stretch the legs. There are many overlooks available to pause and take in the scenery. As with most other National Parks, the road pavement is excellently maintained. Try this road early in the day to beat the traffic and enjoy one of the most scenic motorcycle routes near Bar Harbor, ME



ROUTES: ME-4, ME-17, ME-26
DISTANCE: 96 miles
TIME: 2 hours

Perhaps the best motorcycle roads in Maine are along this route, which could be started on Rt 4 in Madrid and connect to 17 south which offers majestic overlooks of nearby mountains and lakes down to Rumford, ME. As you travel along the bend that makes up U.S. Route 2, you will be able to hike up Grafton Loop Trailhead or Mystery Mountain Trailhead, if you're looking to do any hiking nearby. ME-26 offers some beautiful, open road scenery and carves up through Grafton Notch State Park. For more great motorcycle riding, continue all the way up Rte 26 to Colebrook, NH. This is one of the best motorcycle roads in NH, as you'll experience the awesome road past Dixville Notch. Check our NH page for more about this amazing motorcycle ride!



ROUTES: ME-16, ME-27
DISTANCE: 67 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

Start this scenic Maine motorcycle route (aka Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway) north along ME-16, which connects to ME-27 all the way to the Canadian border. You'll coast around the southern tip of Bigelow Preserve. As you continue to ride along Route 27, you'll have scenic mountain views, including that of Crocker Mountain, Mt. Redington, and the popular ski destination of Sugarloaf Mountain. Stay on high alert for deer crossing, as there are posted "High Hit Area" signs posted on this road.



ROUTES ME-11, ME-85, ME-26
DISTANCE: 50 miles
TIME: 1 hour 15 min

This great motorcycle road in Maine is in the southern part of the state, and moves into rolling farmland, open roads and through some deep forests. The route passes alongside Sebago Lake, one of Maine's largest, and provides some enjoyable twists and hills as you take in some fantastic views along the way.



DISTANCE: 105 miles
TIME: 2 hours

This Maine motorcycle route next to Baxter State Park is full of beautiful scenery with nice curves. There's also the diversity of some long stretches of road to enjoy. Just be sure to ride with caution, as there is an abundance of local wildlife which are commonly seen at the road's edges. Moose are especially plentiful up this way, so stay alert on this great Maine motorcycle ride.



ROUTE: State Rte 113
DISTANCE: 30 miles
TIME: 45 mins

This awesome motorcycle ride in Maine will take you along the NH border, just east of the White Mountain region. There's some open, mountain views in the Chatham area, but it gets quite technical once in the deep forest, as there are many tight turns along the narrow road in the middle portion of this route. Stop by the Cold River Overlook for beautiful mountain views. 



ROUTES: US-201, ME-6
DISTANCE: 121 miles
TIME: 2.5 hours

For a great Maine motorcycle route along the western mountains of the state, check out this ride from Skowhegan to Greenville. This part of US-201 is known as the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway. You'll have an abundance of twists and turns as it follows the curves of the river. There's also a lot of open straights to be able to take in the scenery. Take 201 north to Jackman and the turn right onto Route 15, which becomes ME-6 into Greenville. This route takes the rider along a scenic section of the Kennebec River Valley, then over to Moosehead Lake. Continuing south on Route 6, you can connect to 16 in Abbot to make a nice, long loop ride. Be sure to stop at the Robbins Hill Scenic Area, as well as the Attean Overlook in Jackman, ME.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find Maine motorcycle events?

Visit our friends at to find local ME Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Maine!

Is Maine a good place to ride a motorcycle?

One of the best ways to see Maine's roadside beauty is on a motorcycle. You'll ride along its rugged coastline, and eastern mountainous region. Maine is also home to New England's only national park, Acadia. It's best to plan your ride from May to early October, as Maine's winter weather starts early and lingers well into spring.

What is the best time of year to motorcycle in Maine?

Due to its northern location in the Northeast United States, the best time of year to ride a motorcycle in Maine is in the summer. Some parts of Maine are actually much further north than Montreal, so snowfall arrives early in winter. Early fall is also a great time to ride, as the autumn colors become brilliant as early as September.

Do I have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Maine?

According to Maine law, it is required that all motorcycle and sidecar passengers under 18 must wear a helmet. Motorcycle operators licensed within one year of completing their driver's test and those operating under learner's permits must also wear helmets.

Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle in Maine?

Most of Maine's motorcycle roads consist of open roads with with good visibility. Drivers are courteous and well-aware of motorcyclists during riding season. On Maine's more northern roads, there are many signs warning of moose crossings, so extreme caution should be used if riding these Maine motorcycle routes.

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