Great Motorcycle Roads in North Carolina

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These are some of the best motorcycle roads in North Carolina. Click on each map link for the direct Google Maps route. Send us your favorite routes - along with your pictures! [email protected]

Cherohala Highway

Route 143

Many motorcyclists would say this is THE greatest road to ride in all of Unites States. Whether or not that is true, it is full of mountainside forest scenery and elevation changes. The Santeetlah Overlook is a must stop for anyone wanting the complete experience.

Route 28

(53 miles)

The western portion of this road is referred to as Hellbender 28 for good reason. Riders will enjoy an awesome road experience through dense, forested mountains with sweeping curves and drop offs, along Fontana Lake. The eastern side offers scenic waterfalls and more tight cornering.



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Blue Ridge Parkway

(250 miles)

Truly one of the best roads in the entire eastern United States, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a national treasure and an absolute joy to motorcycle. High elevations, steep grades, tight curves and lots of tunnels along the North Carolina section of this road. Look out for wildlife, especially during dusk and dawn, There are many overlooks to pull over and take in all the beauty, so allot plenty of time for this great motorcycle ride.

Route 80 (Devil's Whip)

(38 miles)

Steep inclines, switchbacks, quick and tight turns - all describe this extremely challenging motorcycle road dubbed Devil's Whip. Ride this south to north, so as to navigate the tight corners uphill. NC80 crosses under the Blue Ridge Parkway between Crabtree Falls and Mount Mitchell State Park. While the "Devil's Whip" is generally considered to end at Micaville, NC- 80 continues to be a great road up to Bakersville. There are many fatalities on this road, so even the most experienced riders will want to navigate this route with caution and focus.