The Best Roads Are Here


- Scenic Route 100 Byway (200 miles)
- Bloomfield to Alburg (109 miles)
- Mad River Loop (66 miles)
- Vermont Route 17 (40 miles)
- Molly Stark Byway (40 miles)
- Vermont Route 8 (17 miles)
- Vermont Route 102 (44 miles)

Below is our detailed list for the best motorcycle rides in Vermont.
These routes will take you along the Green Mountains, vast flowering fields, rolling farmland hills and even waterfalls. From the serenity of Scenic Route 100, to the technical challenges of Route 17 - the best roads are here! Click on each Vermont motorcycle map link for the direct Google Maps route.


DISTANCE: 200 miles
TIME: 5 hours

One of the best motorcycle roads in Vermont is the Scenic Route 100 Byway, which cover virtually the entire state in a route that runs north/south. You'll pass along the Green Mountains, gorgeous rolling farmland, flowered fields, quaint towns, and fantastic road pavement quality. See all that Vermont has to offer on one fantastic route.

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna


Route 105
DISTANCE: 109 miles
TIME: 2.5 hours

Travel east/west on Scenic Highway VT-105 along the northern part of the state. Much of this Vermont motorcycle ride runs along close to the Canadian border. Pass great mountain views near Jay Peak, and on the western side, farmland and cornfields. Late September or early October will showcase New England's famous autumn foliage at its peak.

Charleston, VT

Brighton, VT

Jay State Forest


Routes 17, 116, 100, 125
DISTANCE: 66 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

This loop is one of the best you can ride in New England, as it features the scenic beauty of Vermont. VT-17 is especially technical as you ride through the southern tip of Camel's Hump State Forest. Ride this with caution and enjoy the mountain scenery on this great Vermont motorcycle road!

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna


DISTANCE: 40 miles
TIME: 1 hour

If you're looking for a challenging road to test your riding skills, this is the road for you. The portion of this VT motorcycle road near Appalachian Gap boasts 53 turns in just 7 miles. Navigate these corners with caution and enjoy the views for an exhilarating ride. This entire route is a mix of hairpin turns at extreme elevation changes to vast farmlands leading to the Lake Champlain Bridge on the NY border.

via Google Maps

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna


Route 9
DISTANCE: 40 miles
TIME: 1 hour

Route 9 (aka Molly Stark Byway) carves its way in the southern portion of the state. There's some great mountain scenery on this VT motorcycle ride as you navigate the elevation grade changes and wide curves, including an especially high scenic overlook near West Marlboro.

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna

Photo by S. Profenna


DISTANCE: 17 miles
TIME: 25 mins

This shorter VT motorcycle route starts near Woodford State Park and corners through the southern tip of the Green Mountains. (Optionally continue over the Massachusetts state line and travel west on Route 2 for another short, terrific road into Williamstown, MA.)

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

via Google Maps


DISTANCE: 44 miles
TIME: 1 hour

One of the best motorcycle rides in Vermont is Route 102. It's  in the northern part of the state, bordering New Hampshire. It's mostly a smooth road south of Canaan, as you pass alongside farmland with views of the Connecticut River. There's a few blind corners to be cautious around, but many great turns and curves with some wide open scenery throughout.

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vermont a good place to motorcycle?

Vermont is one of the best New England states to ride a motorcycle in. The Green mountain region offers many great roads to explore, as well as exceptional scenic byways. Autumn motorcycle rides will offer spectacular foliage scenery. There are also more than a few quaint towns and cities to stop and rest along the way.

When is the best time to plan a motorcycle ride in Vermont?

April to early November is the best time to explore Vermont by motorcycle. September is the best month, as the summer crowds will have lessened and the brilliant foliage is on full display by late September/early October.

Do I have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Vermont?

Yes. Unlike its neighboring state, New Hampshire, Vermont law requires all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear a helmet approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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